Wednesday, July 13, 2016

San Diego Comic Con, July 20-24, Booth 4706


It's Comic Con time again. Will be sketching, signing, etc and Rachel is going to be there!


Rachel and I will be appearing at CCI San Diego, July 20-24 at Booth 4706.

Terry Dodson's Bombshells Sketchbook Collection Two

My new sketch will be debuting at my booth at San Diego.
Be sure to check out the new 48 page collection! This collects the out of print Bombshells Sketchbooks #4 - #7, the out of print Reveries sketchbook and new material - all rescanned and in a gorgeous hardcover format!

The majority of the convention Rachel and I will be at our Booth 4706, that we share with Aaron Lopresti but we will be doing other panels and signings so here's a pretty extensive list of appearances.


6:00pm - 9:00pm  Booth 4706


10:00am - 1:30 pm Booth 4706

2:00 pm  - 2:45pm Signing at the Image Booth

3:00PM -  4:00PM Room 28DE

Making the Leap to Creator Owned Properties: Tales from the IP Jungle

Moderator John Fleskes (Flesk publications) leads a rousing discussion with Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows, World of Payne, Savage Wolverine), Terry Dodson (Princess Leia, Red One, Uncanny X-Men), Wendy and Richard Pini (Elfquest) and Mark Schultz (Storms at Sea, Xenozoic) about the differences between working for major publishers and shepherding through their personal projects. The pros, the cons, the triumphs, the tears! Plus, panelists share the latest news of upcoming projects..

4:30pm - 7:00 pm Booth 4706


10:00am - 1:30pm Booth 4706
3:30pm -  7:00 pm Booth 4706


10:00am - 1:30pm Booth 4706
3:30pm -  7:00 pm Booth 4706


11:00am - 5:00pm  Booth 4706

We will be at the table at approximately those times but I will update via Twitter more exact schedule-



I will be signing books/comics/statues/etc at my booth.
First 5 signatures are free, and then we will charge $1 a signature (or $2 for Rachel and I) and $5 for a Witnessed Signature.


I will take sketch requests from the start of the show Wednesday through Thursday.
I will write down all names HOWEVER I will be choosing myself who's sketch I'm drawing and if you had a sketch recently I won't be doing you a sketch so I can try to get sketches down for fans who I haven't done sketches for!

And San Diego is a VERY busy con so I will only be producing between 5 and 10 sketches TOTAL.
Sketches are $400 each for 11 x16 and $250 for 9 x12 and $150 for Blank Sketch Covers. 


I will be selling original art from 

Star Wars: Princess Leia
The Defenders
Uncanny X-Men
Wonder Woman

 and selected covers, pinups and sketches!


I will have all my prints and postcards available as well!


I will post pics and updates before during and after the show here and 
at my blog

See you there!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

RED ONE returns in September

RED ONE #3 ships September 7, 2016

Pre Order NOW!

Postcards available at San Diego Comic Con

RED ONE returns in UNDERCOVER”, Part 1!

After a terrible fight, Soviet Agent Vera Yelnikov has managed to defeat the Carpenter, leaving him for dead at the bottom of the sea. Rid of this enemy, the Kremlin Elite Agent can now carry out her mission of becoming the new darling of America - as the superhero, RED ONE. But the young woman has another project in mind: in her undercover role as assistant to Director Lew Garner, to help make the film The Farm X! Brought to you by TERRY and RACHEL DODSON (STAR WARS: PRINCESS LEIAUNCANNY X-MEN, WONDER WOMAN, HARLEY QUINN) and XAVIER DORISON (LONG JOHN SILVERTHE UNDERTAKER).

Contact your local retailer to have them PRE ORDER - RED ONE #3

Diamond Distributor Order Code for September 2016




And how to Pre-Order a Comic by Kieron Gillen (thanks!)


Check out Kieron's and Jamie McKelvies brilliant Wicked and Divine HERE

Monday, July 11, 2016

Totally Awesome Hulk #9 Cover

Ships this week from Marvel Comics.

I will be doing a step by step on this soon!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Terry Dodson's Bombshells Sketchbook Collection Two

My new sketchbook cover

Terry Dodson’s
Sketchbook Collection Two

Debuts at San Diego Comic Con Booth #4706 in two weeks and online soon afterwards through

Flesk Publications
Stuart NG Books
Bud's Art Books

My booth #4706 - same spot as last time:-)

This collects the out of print Bombshells Sketchbooks 4-7 plus new material - all rescanned and in a gorgeous looking 48 page Hardcover.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Justice League #1 Cover for Midtown Comics


Available next week from Midtown Comics

I will be doing a full Step by Step of  this soon!


Monday, July 4, 2016

Sketching at the Oregon Zoo

Sketches from the Oregon Zoo using my Nomad Satchel.


This guy had fleas or flies or something moved his head 5000 times!

Amur Leopard

He was laying in his cave so was lit with reflected and bounce light - very cool!

Such a treat to be able to observe...


Bee Paper Super Deluxe 9 x 9 93lb Sketchbook

Col Erase Scarlet Red

Warm Grey Copic Markers

Pima Micron 01 and Black Pitt S Pen


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Behind the scenes of the Harley Quinn #1 Cover

Some behind scenes pics of the making of the Harley Quinn #1 cover...

HB and Col Erase Pencils on Bristol Board

Hair colors in Photoshop on a separate layer

From DC Comics and Midtown Comics!

A full Step by Step coming soon!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Star Wars #20 Cover "Sandtrooper" Step by Step

Here's a look at how we made the Sandtroopers Variant for the Mile High Comics Star Wars #20 cover.

The cover concepts I sent into Marvel Comics Editors Heather Antos and Jordan White and Lucasfilm for approval.

Roughs were drawn at 2" x 3" in my sketchbook using Warm Grey Copics then colored in Photoshop CS3.

I've alway loved these guys in Star Wars so it was a real treat to draw a cover with them!


Worked really fast on this one...

Wasn't happy with the gun going off screen but I really wanted it to be the big gun the main trooper carries and it is REALLY long...

so, I made it work!

Drawn in Light Blue and HB lead on 12" x 18" Bristol Board .


I adjusted the height of the thigh pads digitally...

Rachel Dosdson inks over my pencils with a Windsor Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable #2 Brush and Higgins Black Magic Ink.


The first stage of color is called flats - flatting allows me to choose an area to color at any point throughout the coloring process.

Not much mystery what I was going to do here so quick stage...


Initial color rough in - using the main light source and the reflective source to form the trooper...

I colored this on my Cintiq 22 HD using Photoshop CS3 .

Starting to add detail to backgrounds....

Used a custom "cloud" brush for the clouds...

Adding darker values to Trooper to really establish him in space.

Also started rendering the shoulder pad and adding a secondary light value to the white areas.

Began converting line art to colors...

which is really effective on the suns and the detail on the white armor...

All polished and ready for show....

almost, something missing...


Used my custom "cloud" brush to add the dirt...


And the printed cover...

Very happy with how this turned out. 

It's interesting with a lot of my work now, I know how it looks in color in my head so sometimes the line art isn't really impressive because I leave things for the color stage...

Working on a series of these - so another one next month!


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

From Harley Quinn #1 to Harley Quinn #1

My latest cover had me do an homage to my Harley Quinn #1 cover 

Rachel Dodson inks, Alex Sinclair colors and me pencils.

for the new Harley Quinn #1 cover.

Rachel Dodson inks, colors and pencils by me.

From DC Comics and Midtown Comics!

I will be doing a full step by step for this.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sketching Horses

Sketching standing up today using the Nomad Satchel.

Model - "Rou"

Col Erase Scarlet Red Pencil

Copic Warm Grey Markers

Bee Paper Sketchbook


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Batman Rebirth #1 Step by Step Part 4 Colors 2

Our cover art for Midtown Comics Batman Rebirth #1 - a full color and black and version are available here-

And here's Part 4 of the Step by Step of how we made the art!

Colors 2

On to the next level of rendering and smoothing.

Nailing the rendering on Selena's face... 

Working on the jewels, goggles...

And see all the layers I'm using here as I add little gradients to smooth out things - which when satisfied I merge...

Now time to convert line art to color...

Skin tones, rim lights, jewels...

This is the fun polishing part of the art.

Sharp eyed viewers will notice the inclusion of Darwyn in the BG. Rachel finished inking this on the 14th of May - the day that Darwyn Cooke was announced to have cancer. I started coloring the cover that same day and continued to work on it Saturday, the 15th of May, when Darwyn passed...

Shocking stuff!

For numerous reasons, it just felt right to include his name on this.

The finished art

All the final line art conversions, glows on signs and gems and final highlights!


So, Pinky...

On the morning of May 14th when Rachel was still wrapping the inks- we took our cat, Pinky, back into the vet, for blood tests and x-ray at 8:00 am as she had not been week that week.

At 10:30 am, we received a call that Pinky had an inoperable tumor on her liver that had been the cause of all the problems that she had been suffering for months and culminated that week.

So needless to say it was a difficult day or two wrapping up this cover but it was great to get her memorialized on this cover as a thanks for being such a good pal!

Our studio has felt much smaller without her in it...



See the Pencil version here

and Inks here

Colors 1