Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Watercoloring with the The Etchr Art Satchel

I've been using the Nomad Art Satchel to draw with outside the studio for over a year and love it. Now, I'm testing the revised version of it, the new Etchr Art Satchel. 

Here's the Link to how I use the ETCHR for 

The Etchr set up for watercolors.

This works great because you don't need a separate easel for watercoloring.

You use these "Hook Straps" to convert the Etchr into Easel.

There is also a Tripod attachment on the bottom of the ETCHR you can use to set this as a proper standing easel! NOT PICTURED - VISIT THE ETCHR SITE FOR THAT :-)

My simple plein air tools-

Water Bottle
2 Plastic Water Cups
Absorbing/Cleaning Paper
Escoda Prado Travel Brush #10
Kremer Pigmente Travel Set Watercolors


Col Erase Carmine Red
Blackwing Pencil or Pigma Micron 02 Black Pen
Bee Paper Super Deluxe 9" x 12"Sketchbook (93lb paper)

How it looks standing up and painting.

And for seated painting.

I don't use the Shoulder Strap while seated.

How the set up looks again.

I'm very pleased with how this is working and I'm heading to 

August 24-28


August 31

to do a true road test with the ETCHR!

Stay Tuned!

The Kickstarter campaign for the Etchr is LIVE


Here's the Etchr website for all details

Testing out the Etchr for


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