Monday, January 9, 2017

Star Wars #25 Cover Step by Step Part 3 Color

Here's a look at how we made this Star Wars 25 Cover - out in stores now!

Get it here from MILE HIGH COMICS

And now for the final making of-

Part Three, COLOR


The first stage of color is called flats - flatting allows me to choose an area to color at any point throughout the coloring process.

I try to adjust the colors to their medium value or imprimatura - I use this as the starting point for the piece. 

Initial Coloring

I adjusted the colors and values. I also threw some gradient color on Luke's White Stormtrooper outfit.

Then, my very initial rim lighting on this - on faces.

Pushed the lighting over the entire figures.

Using the Pencil Tool at 50-100% to knock those in.

Adjusting the Color Palette

I wasn't happy with the palette so I copied and pasted the colors onto another layer and adjusted the colors to this warmer palette to test.


Finishing Up

Adding reflective lights to Luke and Leia using the Pencil at a low %. Use the Gradient tool on the background. 

Hit the figures with darker darks and light lights.

Detail before converting the black lines to color lines.

I have finished all my highlights on the figures.

Coloring the Line Art

Starting to color the line art on Leia's Facial and Hair Lines and Luke's left side.


Final Color

Zooming in to show off final color.

And one final zoom.



Here's Part One


Part Two

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