Thursday, January 5, 2017

Red One Book 2: Undercover has arrived

My copies of Red One Book 2 showed up. In stores January 18th! You can Pre Order through your local comics retailer and Amazon now!

Looks really good - I learned a lot on Book 1 and took advantage of that with this one!

Very pleased!

The 64 page Hardcover collection for Red One Book 2: Undercover is available for Pre Order. It contains the 52 pages of story from Red One #3 and #4 plus 8 pages of extras - all collected in an oversized European style hardcover the way the story was meant to be read!

Ships January 17th from Image Comics!

Contact your local retailer to have them PRE ORDER Red One Book 2

Diamond ID -NOV160722



  1. Place my pre-order last month as a Christmas gift from me to me.