Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ECCC 2014 - Princess Sketch

Here's a little look behind how I made my Princess Anna sketch at Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle, 2014.

Working on 11 x16 Canson Mi-teintes Paper, I rough in the drawing with an Col Erase Scarlet Red Pencil. Then I go straight to "inking" the outline of the drawing with a small tipped (Pitt XS) permanent pen (to avoid bleeding when I later use the Copics greys).

Next I use  Copic Warm Greys to render the figure and Pitt F, Copic .05, Pigma 1 Black Pens to finish drawing.

Here's the finished drawing.

I use White Prismacolor for highlights.

More ECCC sketches to come…



  1. Mi-teintes paper, huh? Do you use the vellum or smooth side?

    Anyway, great to meet you and your wife at ECCC.

    1. Generally the smooth, but it depends.

      Nice meeting you as well!

  2. The snow man's expression really sells the humor of this one.