Friday, June 19, 2009

WEEKEND REWIND Jazz Maynard by Roger & Raule

I always love going to Europe and picking up books - whether they're bandes dessinées (comics) or "art of" or sketchbooks, whatever - I always find something new or cool that I HAVE to lug back home with me.

The first one I'm going to mention (as I had never heard anything about it before) is a BD published by Dargaud called Jazz Maynard. I actually stumbled across the original artwork to the 3rd volume displayed at the convention in Barcelona and was immediately struck by the amazing line and control of the inks. I even took some pics (see above) of some my favorite panels. The explosions are terrific! Anyway, I left Barcelona without writing down the title or creator's names - fortunately I found the book prominently displayed at the Album shop in Paris and snagged it. As with most art, the original is always better than the reproduced piece and was glad I able to see the art in person.

I can't say I've discovered too much more about it since, but I did figure out that it was the third volume so there are two earlier ones to get.



  1. You can take a look at the site

    They have a gallery displaying some artwork.
    I'm sure their authors will be glad to read this words coming from a great artist like you!!

  2. You should definitely try and get first two volumes, I can assure yout here is no disappointment at all to be found on Raule and Roger works.
    And I do agree, they are absoutelly fantastic! Ace comic!

  3. A great work from Raule in "Jazz Maynard", there is a gallery with different visions of the character from spanish pencilers.

  4. Admired Mr Dobson,
    You won´t imagine how much reading your post had meant to Roger (the artist) and me (Raule, the script writer). To read good reviews about your work always makes you happy, furthermore if they come from such an artist as yourself, who we truly admire and appreciate.

    Thank you very much, Mr Dobson!

    Hugs from Barcelona!

  5. Thanks everyone for the additional information on the series and thanks Raule - you guys are doing a great job! I look forward to picking up the other volumes!