Monday, May 11, 2009

X-Men Legacy 226 Cover Step by Step 4 Final Pencils

Now down to the "nitty gritty" - wrapping up the background - first I went online and found reference for Haight Ashbury, both the sign (which I found a head scratching number and variety of "one" sign)  and a few buildings representative of the area, some pics of Chinatown and finally, some pics of the iconic Transamerica building. No need to show these as I never draw the photo -  I draw the image out of my head and then use the photo to correct details, etc. I prefer designing the composition and drawing the image and then make the reference work for me not vice versa!

Then some busy work finishing the blacks on Rogues costume and hair. 

I ended up tweaking the perspective a little at the end as I didn't like how the HA sign read.

Also, I try to sign the art at this time as it really is part of the composition.

Next up, Rachel's inks step by step!



  1. nothing to say except thank you for sharing.
    I never think about doing step by step. taking pictures during the process is... well, I always forget ^^;
    can't wait to se rachel's inking step by step !


  2. Well, this wasn't a conscious effort at a step by step, I was just scanning the cover in when something didn't look right to me - it's an easy way to find mistakes by seeing the drawing at mulitple sizes, backwards,etc - it's like having someone else look at it. Towards the end of the penciling stage I realized I had so many scans that I might as well continue making scans as that would make a good step by step and then I took pics as Rachel was inking it!

    Obviously, color stages are slightly easier as I save under a different label at each stage/session of coloring.