Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Upcoming Appearances

Ok, here's my updated appearances for 2009

-27th International Comic Fair of Barcelona, May 29-June 1

-Galerie du 9eme art Gallery Exhibition, Paris, June 4 (the exhibition will last a few weeks after)

-Comic Con International, San Diego, July 22-26

-Fan Expo Canada, Toronto, August 28-30

Also, another possible east coast show this fall is in the works.



  1. june 4 ? okay, I'm gonna try to be there, even if it's

  2. Fantastic news, Terry! I'll see you at Barcelona Con! Remember to bring some art with you...

  3. BTW, are you going to accept private comissions?

    At Barcelona, artists use to draw sketches for free, and there's no something like Artists' Alley where you can make profit of your art.

    Anyway, I suppose that you could accept comissions to do in your hotel room, if you want, and to sell original art if asked.

    I still would be interested on your take with tahe original characters of the cover of Spider-Man 121...

  4. Great, Terry!!
    As Ferrán Delgado said, I would be interested too in a private commission if you like the idea and have time for that.
    See you soon, Terry and Ferrán!

    javier Cuevas

  5. Hey, this are amazing news (almost good as FC Barcelona's victory yesterday!!). But I'm afraid there will be hundreds of people waiting in the cue for a signature or a sketch from you in Barcelona...
    It would be cool if there was a chance for us the true fans to get to meet you there!
    Obviously we would love to see you sketching live!
    And if there is a commission list, you can count me in!! I always wondered how a version of the Danger Girls from you would look!

  6. WOW It's great!!!
    It would be nice to see you in Barcelona. I'll be waiting for you in the line to ask you for an sketch, but It could be incredible if you'll accept commissions. I'm very interested on it and on buy your original art.

    Thanx for all Terry,

    Emilio Lobato

  7. Hi Terry,
    will you be selling any art at the Fan Expo Canada? I'm a huge fan and would love to own a Terry/Rachel Dodson original. Great blog by the way. Love the step by step entries.

  8. RE_Barcelona

    I will try to bring some original art to sell and I will try to do some sketches if time allows ( I don't have my schedule yet for the show). I can't do any commissions beforehand as I am working up until the time I leave for the show.

    Re_Fan Expo Canada

    I will be sketching and selling original art.

  9. Cool Terry!
    Please reserve something for me. I'll do my best to meet you there.
    Have a nice trip ;)

  10. Ok, Terry!
    It will be a great Show!
    See you soon.

  11. Thanx for all Terry. We´ll be waiting for you in Barcelona.

    Emilio Lobato

  12. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.