Saturday, May 23, 2020

Virtual WonderCon 2020 Sketch List UPDATE 5.0 Still going...

Still drawing sketch 11 - but it's a good one, a non-comic character request that I've never drawn before.

SO, I'm continuing down the WC list as I haven't had time to start the next list. I have notified everyone who was initially contacted to say this last night. 

I will probably do a NEW LIST to coincide with the cancelled Heroes Con and, 
definitely for San Diego Comic Con. 

I might also do something special when my new book, ADVENTUREMAN, ships June 10th!

I've been posting videos on Instagram and Twitter.

This is a look at a WORK IN PROGRESS of Rachel adding SCREENTONES to one of the pieces.

Take care!



  1. Intrigued by the "mystery" subject of the non-comic character. Looking forward to finding out who or what the subject is.

    1. It was who (or what more precisely) I could draw with the character that sold me on it!

    2. So a who and a what. I cannot wait to see this one.

    3. Ha ha! The suspense is killing me!