Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Holy cow, Heroes Con people like sketches and of course, I've never been to Heroes for a show so the list filled up immediately.

So thanks to all of you who inquired, I feel very welcomed to Heroes!

Now down to the Commissions...

-The first 25 COMMISSIONS requested via email after 6PM PST have arrived and so the list is CLOSED. 

-Now that the list is CLOSED I will let the first 25 know they are on the list. If you don’t hear within 24 hours of CLOSED then your request was not one of the first 25. 

-I will pick the SUBJECT I want to draw one at a time. As I complete them, I will contact you to let you know your piece was chosen, it's done, and request a partial payment via Paypal ($100) to hold, and then remainder in CASH from you at the show at the time of pick up.

-I will continue picking SUBJECTS (Sketches) until the start of the show so everyone should know by the start of the show (really, 11am Friday, June 16th, as I'm going to update until as close to the start as possible) if they are getting a sketch.

-FINALLY, this is the first time I’ve done this and I’m doing it because of the sheer number of requests and the fact that the show is only 3 days.

 -SO, not everyone will get a sketch and there will most likely be some confusion so read everything carefully and if you don’t hear from me with 24 hours of closing the list, you are NOT on the list of 25.

-If you do make the list of the first 25, you are NOT guaranteed a sketch, just that I’m choosing from those first 25.

- It’s only when I email with the 2nd email  telling you your sketch is completed, request partial payment, then, you know, … I've drawn one for you :-)

-I will do as many as possible!

-Any questions, or comments, suggestions, concerns (apart from whether you are on the list, etc) please ask in the comment section below - thanks, much easier for my to reply here.

-Again if you have questions, etc, please ask because others may have the same question.

Ok, I got pages to draw!

Thanks, everyone!

See you in Charlotte!



  1. Looking forward to seeing you here, sir. Hope you have a great show and enjoy it enough to come back. 😀

    1. Thanks, Ed, as a fan I've been wanting to go to Heroes forever, so really looking forward to it!

  2. Sent one at exactly 6pst so I'm hoping I made the list. Fingers are crossed!!!

    1. Three things -

      1) This is the first time I've done a Pre-Show list as thought there might be a lot of requests for a 3 day show
      2)I'm absolutely stunned at the number of requests I got at 6:00 PM
      3) based on the number of requests I got I'm glad I did it this way as I think I would have spent the majority of the show Friday dealing with the sketch list, as opposed to sketching, signing, talking, etc with everyone.

      I'm really looking forward to the show and meeting everyone - I've heard a lot of great stuff about Heroes Con!

    2. Yea I look forward to meeting you too! Got my books all set to go. It's my 1st time there too (driving from Cleveland), so I'm pretty excited too. Also, I wasn't complaining that I didn't get picked, I get it. I'm over it ha ha. See ya next week!