Monday, June 6, 2016

Nomad Sketch Satchel Part 2

More from my testing of my Nomad Sketch Satchel yesterday... 

Here it is with the front pockets visible.

Go here to the Nomad site itself to get all the nitty gritty on how it works, etc as they promote the features extensively.

NOMAD link

When I open the Satchel and am ready to draw this how my tools are arranged...

I found the Copics work great in the out pockets due to their thickness and my pencils go in this case which I stow inside in the straps plus the different pens I use as well.

This is how it looks when I'm working with it - bear in mind the straps would be over my shoulder holding it up so I can draw :-)

One more Part to come, showing more details...


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