Thursday, January 1, 2015

BONNE ANNEE Step by Step Part 2 Inks

Ok, this is a step by step look at how Rachel Dodson inked our Bonne Annee Card art.

And the beginning all set - Rachel tapes off around the area she is going to start inking to avoid smearing the pencil.

Rachel likes to start with the main face/s.

Moving on to the hair and hood

On to the horse and bridle


Rachel inks using Windsor Newtown Series 7 #2 Kolinsky Sable Brush and Deleter Black 4 Ink.

Moving down from top to bottom 


Main figure almost done

Close up

Detail of belt

Almost done

Detail of front left leg

Detail of back legs

Detail of head

I redrew the bells a little more accurately


Final artwork - ready to clean for coloring


  1. Did Rachel recently change ink? Or did she decide on something different for the paper? Anyway, as always, well done. I hope to see you at ECCC.