Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CATWOMAN #31 Cover - Step by Step PART 1 Pencils

Here's a look of how the cover to Catwoman 31 was made…

The ideas for this cover was to continue the  "Race of Thieves" - something that plays up Glider and Mirror Master against Catwoman.

These are my initial cover sketches I sent to Editor Rachel Gluckstern at DC Comics for approval.

They were
drawn at 2x3 inches in my sketchbook in pencil and Pitt/Pigma pens and Copic Grey Markers and then cleaned up and colored in Photoshop.

Rachel liked these but felt we needed something with more tension not so playful so...

I came up with these and "D" was chosen.

My  initial pencils, drawn in Light Blue and HB lead on 12 x 18 Bristol Board.

Tightening things up... 

The final pencils… I added some paper to the top as there was concern whether Catwoman's face would be seen because  of the logo but we keep with the initial composition.


Next up  - Rachel Dodson inks!

The cover is out now!

You can find this comic at your local comic book retailer

And digitally at Comixology 



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