Monday, March 3, 2014

Hero Initiative X-MEN 100 Project Cover Step by Step

Here's how I created the Storm drawing for the  Hero Initiative X-MEN 100 Project Cover.

Drawn on a Blank Hero Initiative X-MEN 100 Project Cover

Roughed in drawing with Col Erase Scarlet Red Pencil and then started adding value with Copic Warm Grey 1

This is about a 1 minute of drawing time - I sat and looked at it for a couple of minutes before deciding what I was going to do then - BOOM - drew!

After adding more greys to all flesh with Copic Warm Grey 1 and 2, "drew" in face and hair with Copic Multiliner .1 Pen

Continued 'drawing" in the rest of the figure with Copic Multiliner .1 Pen
Finished initial line drawing
Used Copic Warm Grey 3 and 4 to establish values and correct drawing

Used Pro White on Storm's hair to cover logo.

Let dry overnight.
End of stage 1
Elapsed time - about 15 minutes

Now that the Hair is dry I start drawing - I used a .8 and 1 Micro Pigma pen that could draw over the white out,
I also did started added some white highlights, secondary light source and corrected the hair with WHITE OUT. 
Boldened up the outline of the figure with Pitt F pen and Copic Warm Grey 4

Started roughing in the background values with Copic Warm Grey 3 and 4


Continued detailing background and added some more little X-Men with Plane and signed name

Added a secondary rimlight to the backside of Storm plus SFX on clouds with clouds.

Final Piece.

Elapsed TOTAL time - about an hour

The artwork will be available for auction for the Hero Initiative.

For more info go to -


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