Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Variant Cover

This is the Guardians of the Galaxy#1 variant cover for Maximum Comics.
Here's the cover sketches I submitted to Marvel - actually had no shortage of ideas for this one - wanted to draw all of them.
Drawn in my sketchbook with pencils and pens and the scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop.

Pencils for the cover drawn on 11" x 17" Bristol Board with Light Blue and HB Pencil.

Rachel Dodson's  inks for the cover - using mostly a Windsor Newton Series 7 #2 Sable Brush and Higgins Black Magic Ink.

Here's the colors done in Photoshop CS3 with a Wacom tablet. Still not happy with my solutions for the color - I like bits of what I did but not the whole. 



  1. Great art, Perfect layout and Outstanding colors! Well done Mr. Dodson!

  2. out of curiousity why are you not happy with your colour solutions how would you change it

    1. It's not what I had in mind - and I didn't have the time to get it there!