Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Songes Tome 2 Page 3 Step by Step

Here's the making of Songes Tome 2 Page 3.
To ease any problems in the translation, I do storyboards for the writer, Denis-Pierre Filippi to approve before I draw the pages. This is the storyboard for Songes Tome 2 Page 3. The storyboards are done at 3 x 4 " on 8.5 x 11" paper with Blue and HB Pencil, Pitt Pens and Copic Markers.

Here's the lineart - drawn on 13 x 19" 2 ply Bristol Board with Blue and HB Lead and borders ruled with .80 tech pen. So I shoot from these the pencils so they are very tight (for me)!

The lineart is darkened and cleaned in Photoshop and turned into a Bitmap.

The colors were done by Rebecca Rendon and me in Photoshop. The art was colored in Channels - a method I learned from Alex Sinclair. 



  1. I've preordered the English version from ... can't wait to get it :)

    1. BTW Mr. Dodson, I noticed that ABC channel will be releasing a TV show called "Red Widow" in the next week or two... that tag "Red" gets used a lot in the media; perhaps for your latest project, Veuve Rouge, you can try something with "Crimson" that will describe your femme fatal in a sexy / potent light. I haven't made any Google searches for a female Crimson-type hero, but I doubt that one exists. Just wanted to support and help out with the project, as a fan of your excellent work. Best of luck with it sir!

  2. The art on this is so gorgeous. So glad the English version will be at the original size.

  3. C'est un plaisir de revoir encore et encore ce travail. Merveilleux!

  4. Nice to see those pictures. I have ordered and read the 2 volumes box (in French) a few months ago and I really loved the whole package. Congrats for your work ! I hope there will be more books in that series :D