Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sketches from France

Here's some sketches from my recent visit to France. Drawings are from Aix-en-Provence and Paris, June 2011.

Using Col-Erase pencils, Pitt Pens, and Copic Markers in a Holbein 9" x 11" Multi Drawing Book.

It's great to draw stuff besides my assignments and it's great to draw from life. I think drawing what you see when traveling is one of the best ways to "see" things. You really have to study all the details of the subject matter and it's sticks in your head the way no photo can!




  1. Oh ! Aix en Provence is my city ! Hope you had good days here ! :D

  2. Aix was awesome, I'm already planning a return visit! What a great city, Rachel really loved it. Le marché de lundi et de mercredi était "awesome"!

  3. Terry, your french seems awesome too !!! I'm happy you had a good time in Aix, and I'm sure our people will be glad to welcome you again !

    If you can, the next time, try to go to Avignon, too. If you loved Aix, you might adore Avignon ! :D

  4. Je suis déjà allé, recherche en fait "Palais des Papes" dans mon nouveau "post".

    It was great!