Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A couple more sketches from C2E2

Here's a couple more of the sketches from Chicago. I had to leave the show early Sunday so I really cranked on these Saturday and Sunday morning so everyone would be able to pick up their sketches before I had to take off ( and everyone picked up their sketches up early Sunday, so I could relax a bit!).

These were done on 11 x 14 Canson Pastel Paper with a)Light Blue and HB Pencil, b)Pitt and Copic Multiliners Pens, c) Copic Cool Grey Markers and finally, d)Prismacolor White, Sand and Henna Pencils.

I managed to get pics of 9 of the sketches and they are now up at


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  1. Hi Terry , does it means people dont wait while your drawing their sketches .
    Well , in France we do wait religiously in front of the artist until he has our sketch done .
    Very cool sketches by the when are coming to France????